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Undeniable Strength




After battling with kidney disease for over a decade, Chris Osborne, better known as Oz, and his nephew, Calvin Render decided to jump to the front lines of kidney disease awareness.  Oz and Calvin joined forces with UCLA kidney transplant surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Veale, MD. Together they shared a passion for kidney disease research and awareness. From this passion grew Life Altered.  The mission of Life Altered is to promote kidney disease awareness while validating the physical and emotional changes one experiences while living with kidney disease. Life Altered is a safe place for individuals seeking support, advocacy, and empathy. 

Oz’s story surprisingly began well before his decade long battle with his health. In his early 20s, he began to experience fatigue during his collegiate basketball practices. After a medical workup, doctors determined that Oz was born with one kidney. This was undiscovered at the time of his birth as it was previously not a standard part of prenatal care or newborn screening.  

At this point he began the physically and mentally taxing process of beginning dialysis. Oz’s experience managing his medical challenges and dialysis inspired him, along with a former teammate to advocate for the passing of a legislative bill that requires mandatory abnormal neonatal screening of kidneys be documented. This mandate ensures proper surveillance of kidney function. This legislative bill saves lives and creates increased opportunities for preventative care and interventions.

In 2019, Oz received a kidney transplant performed by Dr. Veale and the UCLA Kidney Transplant Program. Oz realized at an early age how impactful his life’s story could be on others with similar journeys. He dedicated his efforts to kidney transplant awareness and poured his passion into Life Altered. Sadly, Oz’s new beginning of life after transplant was shortened when he passed away July 2021 from an unrelated medical issue.  

Your support of Life Altered will support Oz’s vision and mission to contribute to kidney transplant research as well as to spread awareness of kidney disease, transplant, etc. Help Life Altered keep Oz’s memory alive while shining a light on kidney health and wellness today. 

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